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Want to know how to gain street cred as well as fan cred? Put on a show with songs that are rarities and b-sides like Kylie Minogue recently did, and boom, mix that together and you'll have more love and recognition for someone who really has climbed up the musical staircase and laughed at those who didn't believe in her. I witnessed the first of the Melbourne show's and all up heard twenty-two songs, everything from iTunes bonus tracks, b-sides to singles and songs not sung from her biggest selling albums. Starting with 'Magnetic Fields' (ITunes bonus track) she bounced around on stage as though she'd never been seen in grandeur costumes or stage sets that would feed a third world country, instead Kylie wore short denim shorts, a picture of Marilyn Monroe on a sleeveless tee shirt and, naturally, high heels. The crowd went berserk, and who could blame them, those who managed to get a ticket to a show which sold out in three minutes and then had to line up during the day to get a wrist band, it almost felt like the moment would never arrive.


This current tour is called the "Anti Tour" and its getting back at the scalpers who rip us off (and really, we allow them to do this), so tickets could not be re-sold, you could only buy two tickets and when you had to arrive early at the venue you brought the other person with you so you both got wristbands slapped on the wrist. The wristbands didn't have barcodes, which is what I was expecting and the writing on the bands did rub off, but hey, we do as we're told don't we! Moving on…


'Made In Heaven' (b-side to Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi), followed by 'Cherry Bomb' (from the single Wow) and 'BPM' (b-side to I Believe In You) and a smiling Kylie took us back and forth on a journey that I truly believe most fans wouldn't ever have imagined - witnessing a super star at The Palace. 'Might Rivers' (Aphrodite bonus track), 'I'm Over Dreaming Over You' (from the Enjoy Yourself album), 'Always Find the Time' (from Let's Get To It album) and Kylie introduced her band and it was around this time, whilst I moved a tad further up the back, a few punters came in believing the show shouldn't have even started as the ticket agency had different times on the emails and running sheets so Kylie actually started an hour earlier than advertised , although due to the fact the venue was chockers it amazing there wasn't more late punters.


'You're The One' (from what I can find of this there are only 2 demos available only – studio versions), 'Tightrope' (from Fever album – bonus disc), 'Paper Dolls' (b-side to Spinning Around single) and 'Stars' (from X her 10th studio album) brought down the house with screams of absolute adulation and no doubt a lot of people tonight were taken back down memory lane. 'Drunk and Say Hey' (from Impossible Princess album), 'Too Much' (from Aphrodite album) and bringing up the rear is 'Bittersweet Goodbye' (from Light Years album). I honestly thought we were going to be given a show of about an hour in length but in total it was almost two hours. The sound tonight is humble compared to the ample sound system of an arena but Kylie was no doubt very comfortable with the way tonight's proceedings were headed and if you had just walked into the venue one would never guess Kylie was a mega star selling out gazillions of arenas around the globe.


'Disco Down' (from Light Year album), 'I Don't Need Anyone' (from Impossible Princess album) and the hit 'Got To Be Certain' (from debut album Kylie) got all the queens in the audience on their heels lapping up the Kylie sweat until 'Things Can Only Get Better' (Rhythm of Love album) ended but naturally like any band, it wasn't long before Kyles was back wearing a new outfit but just as skimpy and casual and into 'That's Why They Write Love Songs' (from X album) and then a heartfelt 'Tears on My Pillow' (from Enjoy Yourself album) which she dedicated for her dad – who was in the audience and we are told this is one of his favourites and finally Kylie pulls out an old merchandise scarf that she managed to scrounge, wraps it around her neck and lastly we hear 'Enjoy Yourself' (her second album release). Nice work Kylie, let's hope some of the other bands head into more intimate shows although I should be so lucky to get tickets next time

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