• dirty sanchez wrote on 4 Jul '02, 18:16 report
    it's the all new Avoidable Droid discussion page!

    check out our totally wicked website! in all new brown format!
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 4 Jul '02, 18:48 report

    cool i figured out the pic thing!
  • lift wrote on 4 Jul '02, 22:45 report
    nah they dont.
  • sammi wrote on 4 Jul '02, 23:17 report

    yes they do.
  • sekt wrote on 5 Jul '02, 00:58 report
    Fear the nipple.
  • ben the cunt wrote on 5 Jul '02, 12:08 report
    So what's the secret, Sammi?

    Why can't we use images? Yet, you can.
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 8 Jul '02, 20:14 report
    I'm looking forward to Shadow Cluster it will be rockn'
    i hope we get a good time slot!
    I need time to get trashed!
  • orange lozenge wrote on 8 Jul '02, 22:22 report
    Pat, I know its your thread and all, but please, enough with the pictures. Plus, I can't see Kris' beautiful complexion.

    I too hope we get a good time slot.

  • dirty sanchez wrote on 9 Jul '02, 00:15 report
    maybe i should shrink the picture down a bit.
    maybe i'll take it down,
    it's kinda tossy posting my own pic
  • sekt wrote on 9 Jul '02, 00:33 report
    Ben: It's all about hosting man. Get a host that allows it, and you can post them.
  • supafly wrote on 9 Jul '02, 13:56 report
    Yo Yo supafly's in tha house,
    Hey Dirty Sanchez quit postin ya motha fuckin picture every where it's fuckin' stoopid, Did you know I used to be a pimp, but I got out tha game coz I waz sick o livin' that life, na mean? So Any way peace, I'm out.
    P.S Avoidable droid get drunk off goats piss.
  • andrew wrote on 9 Jul '02, 21:32 report
    DS: yeah, ditch the pick, or at least vary it.

    Supafly: if you are serious, you are a lame tosser who has never been with a woman.
    if you are not serious, you are and even lamer tosser, and the prospect of you ever being with a woman is highly unlikely.
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 10 Jul '02, 00:14 report
    Hey dudes i got rid of our gay pic, you guys love it!
  • andrew wrote on 10 Jul '02, 09:04 report
    Great Big Green Poo To the Sanchez...

    you should have LAMEST POST contest. For instance, right now i'm watching Hi-Five and it's scarey.
    Even Sacrier is how many guys i onw who watch this for the horny chick presenter factor.

    Piss icy pole
  • sekt wrote on 10 Jul '02, 23:33 report
    Yeah man, and tehy're coming down! Lets get a bunch of us and go and see it. We can push through the little kids and drool all over their shoes.
  • andrew wrote on 11 Jul '02, 09:52 report
    Mischa: too funny.
    D'ya reckon the Hi-5 presenters are E'ing off their heads or what?
    it was pretty weird this morning - they were singing about pesto. Hoesntly, children's TV really disturbs me - ever seen the Tellietubbies? Now that is Fucked up.

    yeah anyway, imagine the dwarf Hi-5 group booking.Tianna slamming in the front row, knocking kiddies everywhere while m'self and Em yell out stuff and Anton requests songs by Bad religion, as johnny 8 ball tells 'em to play some REAL rock 'n' roll...
  • sekt wrote on 11 Jul '02, 17:39 report
    Dont laugh at me, I was serious.
  • orange lozenge wrote on 11 Jul '02, 19:40 report
    That'd be classic!!
    Me and lift would be up the back with our home-made band t-shirts, quite smashed and talking about 'play on words'.
    Whilst semen and kasper would be swilling canadian club. Peregrin would be suckin down hotdogs up the back, talking to coffee and tv about blur. Ben would be dancing, whilst Kris would be kicking some sort of drum off of some sort of stage. Pat would be talking to everyone about his Fernandes '62 Strat copy, whilst Supafly would be standing there all cool like, checking out all the little potential ho's screaming at the front, assessing the prospect of acquiring them to turn some tricks for his white/black ass.

    Oh, and Kenny P would be at the back shouting "I'VE GOT A RECORD DEAL, I"VE GOT A RECORD DEAL!!! AND I'M IN A HARD WORKING BAND"

  • dirty sanchez wrote on 11 Jul '02, 21:19 report
    and orange would be pushing his new found knowledge of underground music.
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 12 Jul '02, 15:15 report
    hey fool, come check out the droid at shadow Cluster, we play around 11pm. Wicked sticks!
  • sekt wrote on 12 Jul '02, 22:39 report
    Nah, matt wouldn't be there. Hi 5 don't have enough indie cred.
  • andrew wrote on 15 Jul '02, 15:30 report
    Mischa, you should write material for backberner.
  • superphlegm wrote on 15 Jul '02, 18:31 report
    Supafly? What the fuck is that?
    That is so six months ago. You sound like a bondage slut.
  • orange lozenge wrote on 16 Jul '02, 19:21 report
    Superphlegm: Supafly is in Hose Bag. I wasn't diddin' ya, be-atch. Chill.

    Dirty: Yeah. Id just be saying "Slint this, Slint that. Television this, Television that" Do you think that the little girls would be impressed? I sure hope so.
    Oh, and i'm playing at Cluster, so of course I'll be there to watch you guys.

    Sekt: Screw You! (joke)
    Hi-5 have cred dripping from each and every one of their cargo pockets and piercings. Who else has enough cred to successfully sing about pesto without looking like that much of a twat?

    Do kids even know what the fuck pesto is??

  • sekt wrote on 17 Jul '02, 01:15 report
    Songs about pesto eh? Respekt.
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 28 Jul '02, 19:34 report

    we've got a gig coming up in three weeks.
    It's unconfirmed at the moment, but it goes a little something like, Avoidable Droid, Insuanto Men, Hose Bag Motha Fucka at the new good woman Inn.
  • maus wrote on 28 Jul '02, 21:17 report
    All but confirmed, I thought for Sat 10th. Who knows? the world has gone mad!

    How did your gig go on zee veekend?
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 28 Jul '02, 21:43 report
    the gig was wicked!!!
    i'm gunna try and play a gig sober next time.
    and i'll wear ear plugs too, the feedback was intense!

    yeah we couldn't book the 10th, so it's gunna be on the 17th.
  • mark downie wrote on 28 Jul '02, 21:48 report
    why play sober?
    i liked it when kris threw beer at you and dan.
    There are allways expectations of something like that happening.
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 28 Jul '02, 21:57 report
    i was dissapointed that everyone left after pappa guiseppi played.
    including the band. It's not a very good habbit to get into.
  • mark downie wrote on 28 Jul '02, 22:19 report
    2/3rds of pappa guisseppi stayed, the guitarist had to work that night.
    It was their friends that pissed off.
  • peregrin wrote on 29 Jul '02, 13:28 report
    yeah, the drummer and bass player stayed for ages...

    the droid were good, i had fun.
    i really love that instrumental song that you played last (if you hadn't noticed...)
  • mark downie wrote on 29 Jul '02, 18:09 report
    i liked that lat song too, and the cult song, and the avoidable droid theme song.

    i think i need to be really drunk next time i see you.
  • lift wrote on 29 Jul '02, 20:57 report
    Everybody likes the cult song. Its bloody fantastic.
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 1 Aug '02, 00:21 report
    the cult song is gay.
  • lift wrote on 1 Aug '02, 12:31 report
    No its not.
  • ben the cunt wrote on 2 Aug '02, 02:07 report
    Yes it is, it's so gay I had to leave in disgust.
    If they ever play that gay-arse song again and not And The World Has Gone then I'm officially removing myself from their fan base and re-establishing myself in Sir Veto's.
  • kris buscombe wrote on 2 Aug '02, 11:34 report
    Hey! we played Primary colours for you Ben, that songs the gayiest.

    Pats becom a little uncomfortable with the chorus in ATWHG lately so thats why we didn't do it.

    If Rentboy stars playing 'Lonely' live I will magicly render pats confidence 'robbie williams' so he can do it again.

    hows that for ya cunt cunt!

    love love kris kris
  • lift wrote on 2 Aug '02, 12:31 report
    who plays drums for Rent Boy? I like the drum sound on the song Fresh and wanna rip it off. How is it done?
  • kris buscombe wrote on 2 Aug '02, 13:23 report
    why Ben The Cunt of course! (drums for rent boy)
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 2 Aug '02, 13:47 report
    hey lift we generated those drums from ben's kit.
    I can send you the drum kit folder if you like?
  • mark downie wrote on 2 Aug '02, 19:24 report
    you should play that velvet underground song again,
    for the record i like both the cult song, and the new stuff such as ATWHG
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 11 Aug '02, 19:37 report
    lou reed can suck my wanger!

    Avoidable Droid are playing with insuanto men and Hose bag Motha fucka !
    on saturday 17th.
  • kris buscombe wrote on 11 Aug '02, 20:51 report
    pat, is he busy sucking on your ding dong?
  • lift wrote on 11 Aug '02, 21:12 report
    Ben can play drums for the next melatonin cd then. I like the sound and the beat. Very cool.
  • ben the cunt wrote on 11 Aug '02, 22:36 report
    Yeah, let's swap bands!
  • lift wrote on 12 Aug '02, 09:16 report
    Yes, lets!

    More seriously tho, did you use one mic for the whole kit? where did you record ie room, etc etc yada yada
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 12 Aug '02, 14:15 report
    i can fill this one in.

    We recorded ben's drums in patrick street, in a rather small room.
    On a 4-track. We used a shure mic 57 copy on the snare and a 58 on the kick, floor tom, rack tom. And two condensors high above the kit.
    this is how we got the seperate samples.
  • supafly wrote on 12 Aug '02, 14:21 report
    andrew you be a fat bitch,
  • dirty sanchez wrote on 26 Aug '02, 00:34 report
    yes the droid are playing at the republic bar on the 3rd of september.
    tuesday night!

    FREE food and alcohol!
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