Native Cats/All Fires The Fire etc @ The Brisbane

  • jdt wrote on 14 Aug '12, 20:55 report
    The Native Cats play The Brisbane Hotel on Friday the 31st of August to raise funds for their coming up tour of the U.S of A.
    Your small change will help Julian and Peter as they adventure into uncharted territories.
    Coming out of hiding will be Hobart's All Fires The Fire, this will be their first show in over a year, ladies and gentlemen, that day has come for their return. Also playing is Broken Tiny, Matt from M.O.1.O.'s solo project of beats, bass and drones.

    Friday the 31st of August
    $10 entry on the door
    Doors at 9pm

    The Native Cats will also have LPs, 7"s and CD's for sale at the show.

    The Native Cats: beats as in machines; bass as in callused thumbs; vocals as in calm beneath fear beneath total invulnerability. Peter Escott and Julian Teakle, two sensible men from Tasmania, a thriving island municipality roughly 300 miles from Australia. Why on earth would they feel the need to leave their homeland during the prime apple-harvesting months of September and October just to tour the United States? Why accept an invitation to perform at the legendary Gonerfest 9 in Memphis, TN? Why the sudden interest in Americans, of all people? The answer is simple mathematics: because there are so many of them.

    Make no mistake: every Native Cats release so far -- the White Denim single "Catspaw/Lemon Juice", their two tremendous LPs "Always On" and "Process Praise" on Ride the Snake, their upcoming split 7" with Australian loser-punks the UV Race (also on Ride the Snake) -- has been an attempt to break into the American market, with its dyed orange cheddar and manifest destiny and what have you; every song has been vainly submitted to hockey arenas and air shows around the nation as a potential "Song 2" or "Another One Bites the Dust", in the rich tradition of ambitious foreigners keenly aware that the way to America's heart is through its stadium loudspeakers.

    The beats and synths are dark and sparse enough to remind those in the know of Suicide or Cabaret Voltaire, but catchy and inviting enough so that square relatives and coworkers of those in the know are all like "hey like this is actually pretty good I was expecting these guys to be all weird like all that other stuff you're into". Teakle plays stoic, melodic, rock-steady bass, as though he's the last human on earth and he's refusing to let it affect him or change his plans. Escott sings and snaps from the busy intersection of the areas of his expertise: video game mechanics, social anxiety, criminal justice, misguided revenge, fear of art. Hockey fans en masse are rendered catatonic with introspection and self-doubt. Fighter jet stunt pilots perform one last joyless loop-de-loop and land silently in a forest clearing miles away, their pilots consumed with shame at their own worthless bravado. The Native Cats in America!

    "[Escott's] fictions are the heart of this band, and the framing they're given by his skeletal beats and Teakle's booming lead melodies (no chords, no problem) are all that's needed to paint his tales of danger and espionage. They're just enough band to give the words a slightly sinister, theatrical feel; shaken-not-stirred, long-con coolness for the intellectuals and those who favor them. And when they do break rank, as on the noisome synth hammering that closes "Dani Dani", it feels 40 storeys tall." -- Doug Mousrock, Still Single

    "This is the sound of being under winter’s house arrest. A timeless, paranoid throb and chant that is stark and minimal." -- Eldritch Palmer, The Thousands

    "shot through with the sort of Gothic elan that served the early British post-punk bands so well" -- Everett True, The Australian

    "Die minimalistisch schönen Songs im reduzierten Sound (mit Synth, Bass und Gesang) erinnern ganz klar an die Young Marble Giants, aber auch mit Querverweisen zu New Order oder Pulp" -- X-Mist Records
  • jdt wrote on 24 Aug '12, 23:15 report
    one week!
  • poorhillbilly wrote on 28 Aug '12, 12:01 report
    fuck playing live its just for looks. just diy home record dude music. screw the states man screw the states baby
  • jdt wrote on 31 Aug '12, 13:35 report
  • gutter. wrote on 31 Aug '12, 14:25 report
    SMALL BLACK LAMBS are playing at the Alley Cat with Ozones VJs and others as an offering of solace to those that can't make this Brisbane show.
  • ben mason wrote on 1 Sep '12, 02:21 report
    Aow fuck, if I had know that I would have zipped up while AFTF's played!
  • lisa wrote on 2 Sep '12, 03:11 report
    The Native Cats: beats as in machines; bass as in callused thumbs30zdy0mx]

    Double handed slap!
  • jdt wrote on 2 Sep '12, 12:48 report
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