• fallon wrote on 4 Jul '02, 19:55 report
    Jesus Christ... ya don't sign in for a day or two and suddenly the whole bloody thing changes.

    Oooh, icons!
  • sekt wrote on 5 Jul '02, 02:04 report
    Yeah, it's kinda cool. But the old forum was more unique. This looks like all the other forums I post on.
    Ah well
  • loco wrote on 9 Jul '02, 12:24 report
    yeah this is like the
    machine head
    a house near you
    orgy forums i post on!! oh well i like it!!! i wish they would do something about the blue or something, make it red or black. y? cos i like red and black.!!
  • phil mcrackn wrote on 11 Jul '02, 23:29 report
    hi, this is my first time here so i dont know what the old forum looked like

    but i like this one
  • andrew wrote on 15 Jul '02, 15:11 report
  • influx wrote on 11 Nov '03, 19:43 report
    Yo Yo new user and all not really a big Hobart music person but know a few people that post so yeah um blah blah
  • sickness wrote on 11 Nov '03, 21:45 report
    don't worry, this forum basically has nothing to do with music 90% of the time.

    you'll be alright child
  • marcus wrote on 11 Nov '03, 21:45 report
    ummmm yeah..

    at least you managed to bring back thie old friend from the dead.
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