Like all great reviewers, I always listen to an album a few times, generating judgement and opinions each time (I’m only human), and it's great when at first an album seems rather dull (sorry Tim and Shel), and then by a third listen, it's as though the ears are hearing it for the first time. This is what happened with this album by Tim Rogers and 'Shel Rogerstein' (Rogers' alter-ego), aptly titled Rogers sings Rogerstein.

The album starts with 'All or Nothing' and the ears hear the scent of female vocals and initial thoughts of Julia Stone arise, yes I realise it's not, until the powdery vocals of Rogers move in and bring a lightness to the song. ‘The FJ Holden’ is a catching song whilst ‘Beefy Jock Guys and Modern Dance Music’ grooves me with its slide guitar number and it really is a fab tune. And then we have ‘Driv’in At Night’, which starts off with Rogers' growly and scratchy vocals until soothing backing vocals envelope the song.

Thirteen tracks that may soothe your mind or blast you into space depending on your level of need. Teeming with beats, rock tunes, growly vocals and laced with soft acoustic porn, the album is like a lullaby with fleeting moments of being alive until you can relax back into the chair and catch your sleep again.
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