Set Sail - Hey!

Set Sail - Hey!

Hey! Is the second EP from Melbourne three-piece Set Sail, and much like their previous effort, within seconds of hitting play, all you can think is summer, summer, summer!

Perhaps that analysis makes it sounds a bit too sugary for some tastes, but the truth is these guys know how to work their overtly joyful sound in such a way that it never gets sickening. Even with a violin in the mix – the instrument most commonly associated with sadness – it is impossible to find a dark or sullen tone anywhere. They just won’t let it happen. Even on the title track 'Hey', the line “just another dark night” is followed promptly by “but it feels so right. Save it for another time. Come on in!”

And they make it so easy to do so. Despite being only four tracks long, with the ridiculously danceable tune of 'Charleston' and the coo-along chorus of 'Who Are You', there’s ample opportunity to get lost in the music. After a few listens, you might be inclined to think that lead singer Brandon Hoogenboom’s silky-smooth vocals could do with some roughing up, but at the end of the day, that’s not what these guys are about. They are about having fun – something that is evident not only in their sound, but in the way they go about their life as band – travelling all over the world, and basically playing wherever and whenever the hell they feel like it.

It’s impossible to know how far this approach will take them, but Hey! basically epitomises everything that Set Sail is, and that makes it a great release no matter which way you look at it.
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