Killers, The - Battle Born

Killers, The - Battle Born

I read the other day that the lead singer and songwriter of The Killers, Brandon Flowers, is a Mormon, and now interviewers tend to see that as a legitimate reason to question him about the qualifications of U.S presidential candidate Mitt Romney. That’s slightly irrelevant to this review and more of a fun fact for the day, so now we shall move on with the real business of critiquing their latest offering, Battle Born.

Turns out this is their fourth studio album. Obviously, The Killers have had a long run, and I can only assume that means they must be good enough for people to continue to spend money on and keep them in the job. I’m not going to pretend I have extensive knowledge of their past records, and I don’t want to insult true fans by trying. But I will suggest that there aren’t too many surprises here to what the usual offering of The Killers is - though Flowers did relinquish some of his song writing control this time around. How much change that has made over the album in comparison to The Killers of old, I’ll leave you to tell me.

To me, they sounds like the old power ballads of the 80s. I suggested this to my Dad who was also listening to it at the time and he suggested Bruce Springsteen. I could have YouTubed that, but didn’t, so I’m going to trust his opinion on that one. The songs do all seem nostalgic. If you want your music to suddenly bring to the forefront of your mind long lost memories of missed opportunities, I’d say this is the album to do it. If I were to envisage their live performance based on the impact of their instruments, it would be in a stadium with great flashing lights and an audience swaying from side to side, potentially with cigarette lighters. Which is slightly awesome, but again it reminds me of another time and place in rock and roll that I’ve missed out on.

I like The Killers' sound (mostly), but it's kind of an ambivalence - as in I don’t mind hearing them on the radio, but aren’t particularly partial to rush out and buy their album. But full disclosure, I’ve considered buying perhaps one album this year, so that doesn’t necessarily mean too much, hey?
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